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Inscription in Vestibule

St. Ignatius is a Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Boston, staffed by Jesuit priests. As a Jesuit parish, Ignatian spirituality infuses all our works, both inside and outside the walls of our church. Following the example of Ignatius, we strive to be men and women living for others, working towards a world where faith, justice, peace, and love can flourish. At the same time, we also seek to foster the spiritual development of all our parishioners, with regular opportunities for personal spiritual growth.

Parish Finances

St. Ignatius is dependent on the contributions of parishioners for its maintenance and operation. We receive no operating income from either Boston College, the Society of Jesus, or the Archdiocese of Boston.

To meet our financial obligations, we have instituted a pledge program called the "Pledge for the Greater Glory." As part of the pledge campaign, we are asking every household in the parish to pledge the equivalent of one hour's income per week for the support of our parish. Contributions can be made using either a credit card, monthly electronic fund transfers (i.e., "direct pay"), or traditional weekly envelopes. For more information, see the fliers in the back of the church.

Boston College

Inscription in Vestibule

Although not the university's church, St. Ignatius enjoys a special relationship with Boston College through which the university provides the parish with Internet access, e-mail service, telephone and voice mail service, parking, and dormitory space for the religious education program. Each year, several Boston College students teach in our religious education program. Jesuits priests from Boston College occasionally preside at our liturgies. On our part, St. Ignatius provides a spiritual home for many students during their time at Boston College and for many alumni on their wedding day. The church building is also used by the college for some of their larger events.

The Church Building

Sometime in the 1950's, Jack Frost put together a commemorative book on the history and architecture of this parish. In it, he included about thirty of his own sketches of the church, its stained glass windows, and the statues around the exterior of the church. Long out of print, an edition of the book is now available in an on-line edition.

Rectory Hours

Monday–Friday 9:30–5:00
Saturday 9:00–5:00
Sunday 9:00–7:00



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