Salt & Light Retreat Resource Manual
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Boundary Breakers
The leader asks a series of questions. Actually, there are over 100 questions that come with the little packet, but I didn't use the packet. I just made up some questions. Anyway, the questions range from shallow to deep. For instance, "What is your favorite color?" would obviously be a shallow question, but, "What do you like least about your parents?" would be a deeper one. The purpose is to get the kids talking. Go around the group and ask the same question to every person in the group. Start with something shallow, then move towards deeper questions, and back towards shallow. Finally, ask questions about the questions: "Which answer surprised you the most?" Give everyone an opportunity to answer. A person may skip, but always come back to them and have them answer the question as the last person. This works best with groups from 7-12 members. If you have a big group, then split it up into smaller groups. I have done this. It works really well.
Sherlock Holmes
This is a good introductory small group icebreaker for all ages.  Have one person volunteer to be Sherlock Holmes.  Tell that person to memorize everything that everyone is wearing.  Sherlock Holmes leaves the group and a couple people switch articles of clothing.  After they finish Sherlock Holmes is called back and has to guess who exchanged what items.
Toilet Paper Icebreaker
Number of people: 4-15
Number of minutes: 15
Props: roll of toilet paper
Retreatants: junior high school, high school, and college
Pass a roll of toilet paper and tell the kids to take as many squares as they want.  When everyone has some, each kid has to say something good about themselves.  If they have three squares, they say three things, if they have ten squares, they say ten things.
Toilet Paper Variation
This is a good introductory small group icebreaker for weekend retreats.  The small group leader brings out a roll of toilet paper and says, “This is all the toilet paper we have left so grab as much you are going to need to do the job.”  The roll is passed around.  Once everyone has some, tell them that there is plenty of toilet paper, but instead I want you to say one thing about yourself for each sheet you have.  Let them share themselves with the group.
Two Truths and a Lie
This is a good introductory icebreaker for small groups.  This icebreaker takes about 15-20 minutes to do and is good for all ages.  You start off the icebreaker by asking everybody in the group to write down two truths and one lie about themselves in any order they wish.  Also tell them to be creative when developing two truths and a lie.  After everyone has finished writing down three things that may or may not be about themselves, go around the group and have each person try and stump the other people in the group.  After the first person has finished reading their two truths and a lie.  Have each person in the group try and pick out the lie.  Have the leader of the group get the ball rolling by going first.  You can also do this in a large group setting, where the small groups sit in the large group and each small group tries to guess the lie about a person not in their group.