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Post Conference Workshops - June 16, 2004

Troubleshooting ALEPH | Hands-On Version 16 | MARC21 Holdings Records
Introduction to DigiTool
| Shared Systems: Consortia Discussion

Troubleshooting ALEPH - an Introduction, or, "It Broke, now what do I do?"

Presented By: Ex Libris USA Customer Support and Technical Support Staff
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm
Location: Room 4-231, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

Workshop description: Participants will learn techniques for identifying and resolving problems in the ALEPH system. They will also learn what kinds of information are valuable and meaningful when reporting problems to the Customer Support center. The session will also enable users to search and retrieve the best results from the Support Center's PRB database.

Topics to be covered (with examples) include A) Logins and security (su, sudo, SSH, SSL); B) Getting around in Terminal sessions (dt, apcl, $LOGDIR); C) ALEPH commands (global_grep); D) Data "stuff" like loaders (including EDI), Util-e, Indexing, PLIF, Expands and Fix-docs, using authorities and multiple authorities libraries; E) Server "stuff" including Web servers, PC servers, Z39.50, OCLC, NCIP, SC/SIP2; F) Oracle "stuff" including file_list, and how to use SQL/SQLPlus with ALEPH; and, G) Printing - before and after version 15 (XML/XSL and forms).

Intended audience and level of expertise: The workshop is designed for new and experienced ALEPH System Librarians and System Administrators. Participants should know how to log onto their local ALEPH server, navigate among the directories, and view and edit ALEPH configuration files.

Registration: Registration is limited to 50. Cost: $125

Hands-On Version 16

Workshop description: NAAUG participants who would like to get their hands on ALEPH Version 16 are welcome to visit the Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems Training Room. There will be no official presentation but Harvard library staff will be available to answer questions and provide guidance in navigating the system. Times, directions, and registration information.

MARC21 Holdings Records

Presented By: Patricia Hatch, Library Analyst/Training Specialist, Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems. Facilitators: Sandy Card and Virginia Howard (SUNY Binghamton)
Time: Two sessions repeated -- Workshop 1: 9:30am-12:30pm OR Workshop 2: 1:30pm-4:30pm
Location: Bolton Room L130, John F. Kennedy School of Government, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge MA [ directions ]

Workshop description: As ALEPH customers upgrade to versions 15 and higher, many libraries will be using all of the MARC21 Holdings Standard fields for the first time. While most serials librarians/catalogers are familiar with some of the fields (such as the 853-855 fields), many are unfamiliar with other parts of the format, such as the fixed fields (LDR and 008 fields) and other holdings fields (such as the 863-865 fields, indicators and subfield values). The purpose of this workshop is to introduce or reintroduce NAAUG librarians to the MARC21 Holdings Format and demonstrate how it can be used in ALEPH Version 16.

Topics to be Presented:
· MARC21 Holdings Format:
· The Leader and 008 fields
· The 852, Location and access field, subfields and indicators
· The 853-855 fields, review of subfields and discussion of indicator values and subfield 8 values
· The 863-865 fields, indicator values, subfield values, recording of published and non-published gaps
· 866-868 fields, indicators and subfield 8 values
· Public display of holdings data
· ALEPH 16 options for creating a predicted set of issues

Intended audience: Catalogers and serials staff who will be adding detailed holdings information to ther holdings records.

Registration: There will be two identical sessions, each one limited to 20 participants.

DigiTool -- Digital Discovery, Digital Playback, and Professorial Interface

Presented By: Oded Scharfstein, DigiTool Product Manager, Ex Libris.
Time: 1:30-5:30
Location: Room 4-237, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

Workshop description: DigiTool's presence continues to grow and the system continues to evolve. Among the latest additions are an easy-to-use "professorial interface" for non-professional input, and a means of interacting with national copyright registration offices. Content will include images, audio, video, and full-text. An extensive tour of implemented sites such as Maryland and Curtin will be included.

Intended audience and level of expertise: Anyone who has a digital collection or wants to create a digital collection, and wants to know the latest about DigiTool and the growing number of DigiTool sites. This workshop is open to both NAAUG and SMUG attendees.

Shared Systems: Consortia Discussion

Coordinators: Maureen Zajkowski, SUNYConnect LMS Project Manager and Michele Newberry, Assistant Director for Library Services, Florida Center for Library Automation
Time: 1:30-5:30
Location: Room 4-231, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

Description: A discussion session for representatives of consortia and other organizations running ALEPH within a shared system environment where the application is centrally managed at some level to support multiple installations on shared servers.

Who May Attend: Representatives who are knowledgeable about issues that significantly impact the implementation and ongoing support of ALEPH within the shared system environment.





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