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The fastest way to get around Cambridge and Boston is on public transportation, either by bus or subway. The MBTA, officially know as Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, is usually referred to as the "T". Their website contains schedules and fare information, including information on one-day, three-day, and seven-day passes. All MBTA bus stops are marked with a white sign with a large T indicating the numbered buses making a stop at that location. Subway entrances are indicated with round white sign with a large black T. Bus fare is 90cents (exact change) and the subway uses tokens costing $1.25 each. Booths selling tokens are at the entry to most subway stops, as well as token dispensing machines.

Campus Shuttles

An MIT shuttle bus runs during the day (7:15am to 7:15pm, weekdays) and riders are not required to show an MIT ID. The Tech Shuttle, as it is called, runs between Kendall T stop to Building 7 at 77 Massachusetts Avenue (referred to locally as Mass. Ave.) as well as to selected dorms on Memorial Drive. View Shuttle times and route maps (pdf).

Travel Between Harvard and MIT

From MIT Campus or Hotel@MIT

To Harvard: bus line #1 (Harvard Square destination) stops at the main entrance to MIT, Building 7 at 77 Mass. Ave. The bus also stops closer to the Hotel@MIT at the corner of Windsor St. and Mass Ave. During the day, the bus runs frequently (every 10 minutes or less); evenings it's closer to every 15 minutes. View the complete bus schedule (pdf).

From Harvard: bus line #1 (Dudley Square destination) stops across from the Holyoke Center and takes you to back to Hotel@MIT. Ask for the Sidney St. stop. During the day this bus runs frequently (every 10 minutes or less); evenings it's closer to every 15 minutes. View the complete bus schedule (pdf).

M2 Shuttle Bus: The LMA (Longwood Medical Area) shuttle bus serving Harvard Medical School and Harvard University stops at MIT, Bldg 7, at 77 Mass Ave. The bus arrives at MIT approximately 15 minutes after it leaves Vanderbilt Hall, depending upon traffic. Tickets ($.85 for a single ride or $7.50 for a 10-ride ticket) can be purchased at the MIT Cashier's Office in Room 10-180 and at Harvard's Holyoke Center. The M2 bus stop in Harvard Square is opposite Church Street in front of the Johnson Gates. The bus departs from that stop, as well as from a stop on the corner of Quincy Street and Mass Ave., going back to the Harvard Medical Area. The M2 bus stops at MIT upon request; The stop is across from Bldg. 7 in front of the MIT Student Center. View the M2 shuttle bus schedule.

From Hotel Kendall

The MBTA subway line: The Kendall Square Red Line stop is a block down Main Street; as you leave the hotel turn right (which will be south towards the river.) A large round white sign with a large black T indicates the subway entrance. The entrance to Harvard trains (outbound side) is directly on Main Street across from the MIT Coop (Bldg. NE20) on Main Street. Subway service is frequent during the day, 8 minutes or less; later in the evenings service is closer to every 12 minutes. View complete subway schedule. As in any large city, it is wiser to travel in pairs or groups later in the evening.

The #68 bus runs between Kendall Sq. and Harvad Sq. during the day about every half hour; there is no evening or weekend service. The bus stops in frront of the MIT Coop (Bldg. NE20 ) on Main Street. Keep in mind many buses stop at that spot, so keep an eye open for the bus number. View the #68 bus schedule (pdf).

By car: Traveling by car between MIT and Harvard is not encouraged, due to traffic and road construction. There are few available legal parking spaces at either end (so unless you are willing to pay substantial parking fees, we encourage taking public transportation).





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