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Email and Internet Access

MIT offers short-term network service to campus guests. Guests are allowed up to fourteen days of network service when they register on MITnet.

To get your personal machine connected to the MIT network, you will need to have a wireless network card or a wired Ethernet card and an Ethernet cable.

For a wireless machine, make sure the wireless card is on and enabled. Wireless MITnet access is available in all of the meeting rooms and many public spaces throughout campus (see details.) For a wired machine, plug the Ethernet cable into your computer and an MITnet network drop. This drop will likely have a green MITnet sticker. In both cases, the machine needs to be configured for DHCP (obtaining an IP address automatically.) Many machines come with their network cards configured for DHCP by default. If the machine is running firewall software, it will need to be disabled until the registration process is complete.

Once your equipment is ready, open a web browser and point it to any web page. After selecting Visitor registration, the returned page will display the MITnet Rules of Use, followed by a registration screen, requesting your contact information, number of days of connectivity, and the event for which you are on campus. Visitors can register between one and five (consecutive) days at a time, up to fourteen days per year. The network connection takes about ten minutes to activate, and remains active for the number of days selected. More information on connecting to the network.

For those not travelling with their own computer, web access is available at any of the MIT Libraries. No login or password is necessary.

Photocopy and Fax

The MIT Copy Technology Centers are a full service reproduction facility, offering photocopying and fax services. Their complete range of services is available at their main campus location in 11-004. CopyTech Express, on the first floor of the Stratton Student Center, has 24-hour self-service copiers as well as other services.

Banking and ATMs

There is a branch of Fleet Bank, including two ATMs. on the first floor of the Stratton Student Center. An additional Fleet ATM and an MIT Federal Credit Union ATM are located on the first floor of Building 10. Fleet and Citizens Bank both have branch offices and ATMs in Kendall Square.

Dining and Food Services

If you need to miss a NAAUG meal, or just want to get away from the crowd, the MIT campus offers variety of dining options. MacGregor Convenience and LaVerde's Market will also be convenient for those staying in the dorms.

Post Offices

Post Offices are located in the Student Center basement, Kendall Square, and Central Square.

Medical Services

If you need immediate medical assistance while on campus, dial 100 from any campus telephone, and your call will be answered by MIT's Campus Police at any time of the day or night. MIT's Medical Department is located in Building E23 on Carleton Street; the telephone number of their Urgent Care service is 617-253-1311 (3-1311 from a campus phone.)

Athletic Facilities

The MIT athletic complex consists of ten buildings and 26 acres of playing fields. Aside from The Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center, indoor facilities include the Johnson Athletic Center, Rockwell Cage, and the David Flett duPont Athletic Center. Just outside you will find 16 tennis courts, Steinbrenner track and field, Jack Barry Turf Field, and newly renovated baseball and softball fields. Some of the seasonal facilities include the Sailing Pavilion and Pierce Boathouse. All of these are included in your membership; daily and weekly passes are available at the Main Customer Service Desk in the Zesiger Center.




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