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1. Excellence in Nursing
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3. Mentor
4. The Spirit of Sigma

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1. Excellence in Nursing Practice


  1. To recognize an undergraduate student in one of his or her clinical rotations that contributes to improvement in patient care.
  2. To foster professional and public awareness of achievements in nursing. Eligibility: Any undergraduate nursing student who is a member of the Alpha Chi Chapter. Deadline: April 14th. Amount: $300.

Criteria: A clinical nursing innovation including:

  1. A creative original approach to a clinical situation.
  2. Implementation of the approach in nursing practice.
  3. Evidence of improved patient outcome(s).

Submission of Nominations:

  1. A description of the clinical improvement that includes criteria listed above.
  2. One letter of support for the nomination from a faculty member.
  3. Feel free to attach any additional material to highlight the candidate's achievement.

2. Mary Pekarski Memorial Award

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate student members of Alpha Chi Chapter. Deadline: April 14th. Amount: $300. Criteria: An essay describing how you see yourself at a time in the future to be determined by you. From the perspective of that future time, describe how you exemplify excellence in nursing.

Criteria by which essays will be judged:

  1. Creative thought.
  2. Originality.
  3. Presentation.
  4. General writing style.

3. Mentor Award

Purpose: To recognize a member whose leadership has positively influenced an individual(s) development. Eligibility: Any individual who is a member of the Alpha Chi Chapter. Deadline: April 14th.

Criteria: The recipient shall be a member whose leadership has positively influenced an individual(s) development by:

  1. Helping in developing future leaders.
  2. Creating new directions for professional growth.
  3. Promoting a positive chapter image.

Submission of Nominations:

  1. The nomination must be in letter form and should outline how the person has met the above criteria.
  2. A nominator can be a chapter member or a non-chapter member.
  3. If attainable, a resume or curriculum vitae should also be submitted.

4. The Spirit of Sigma Awards

Purpose: To recognize member(s) who have demonstrated the mission, vision, and values of Sigma Theta Tau. Three spirit awards will be awarded: one to an undergraduate nursing student, one to a graduate nursing student, and one to a nurse leader. Eligibility: Any member of Sigma Theta Tau. Deadline: April 14th. Amount: $300 to each award recipient. Criteria: The recipient(s) shall be a member who displays evidence of contributions to improving care in the academic and/or community setting through the following attributes:

  1. Leadership.
  2. Dedication.
  3. Respect.
  4. Collaboration.
  5. Imagination.
  6. Humor.
  7. Intuition.
  8. Creativity.
  9. Collegiality.
  10. Compassion.

Application can be mailed to: catherine.hill@bc.edu or left on campus with Cathy Hill (Cushing room 336)
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