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Integrating Technology
The practicum semester is a time for student teachers to really become immersed in the workings of schools. When you think about the schools that you will be entering upon graduating from BC, consider that schools across the U.S. are being profoundly impacted by two significant factors:

  1. a shift in learning objectives to "21st century knowledge a! nd skills"--directing one's own learning, working collaboratively, and solving complex problems requiring multiple kinds of expertise, and

  2. new technological mediums, such as networked technologies, multimedia, and simulations.
Modern information and communications technologies are helping to transform many schools into learning centers that provide rich, engaging, and collaborative environments for teaching and learning.

Thinking about learning and teaching with technology is also important because a growing number of school districts now expect that new teachers will enter classrooms prepared to use technology with K-12 students. This is what Irwin Blumer, former Superintendent of Newton Schools, had to say about what the Newton School District was looking for in their new teachers:

"It has reached the point where no matter how good prospective teachers are in any other area, beginning teachers need to know technology AND need to be able to demonstrate comfort and proficiency with technology. They need to show that they know the basics of technology. To be considered for a teaching position, a candidate would need to demonstrate proficiency in e-mail, word processing, database management, spreadsheets, and the use of the Internet. I would expect teachers to show that they were able to use these tools to influence instruction. I would also expect the teacher to have a portfolio which demonstrates how technology was used in his/her teaching. I can't imagine anyone hiring a teacher unless they could demonstrate that ! level of competency in technology."

-Irwin Blummer, BC Research Professor in Educational Administration

Practicum Guidebook:
Integrating Technology into Practicum Teaching

This guidebook describes one way that Project THEMES offers BC student teachers the opportunity for hands-on experiences with technology. The goal is for LSOE students to not only learn more about integrating technology into K-12 classrooms, but also to create a disk or a video of their classroom work that could be part of their teaching portfolio. For more information, please download the Practicum Guidebook: Integrating Technology into Practicum Teaching.

Prac! ticum Guidebook Table of Contents
Integrating Technology into Practicum Teaching
-Why integrate technology into classroom practice?
-How can I integrate technology into my practicum teaching?
-How do I get started?
-What support is available for my work?

Working on Your Teaching
-Framing your inquiry: Questions to ask yourself
-How do I decide what to use technology for?
-How do I decide when to use the Internet?
-How do I get started?
-For what facets do I need to plan?
-Examples of Internet projects
-Examples of project-based learning supported by technology