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Contemporary schools are rapidly adopting computer-based technology as a major resource for educating K-12 students, and teachers entering the nation’s schools must be prepared to use these resources. The Educational Policy Committee of the Lynch School of Education has approved the requirements which are listed in this handbook in order to insure that Lynch School graduates will be well trained in the use of relevant technology.

Lynch School students in the Class of 2002 and beyond shoul! d demonstrate the competencies listed herein prior to graduation, but students are strongly encouraged to submit each component as soon as they are ready. Many of these competencies will enhance the academic experience of Lynch School students throughout their Boston College coursework.

Guidelines for Demonstration of Technology Competencies
Outlined below are the technology competencies required of all students during each undergraduate year. Completed competencies are submitted as an email attachment.

Ways to Complete
Email Submit email.!
Clip Art Create a word processing document with 10 pieces of clip art.

Word Processing Create a research paper or newsletter. Portfolio
On-line Literature Search Create a word processing document with a scanned image pasted into it.

Digital Video Create a word processing document with a digital photo pasted into it.

Scanner Create a word p! rocessing document with a scanned image pasted into it.

Spreadsheets Create an electronic grade book. Submit as an email attachment.

Hypermedia Authoring Software Create a multimedia presentation or web page.


Boston College Guidebook for Technology Competencies
For more detail on each requirement, please download the Guidebook for Technology Competencies.