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Project Description
The teacher education program at Boston College is built on five critical themes: social justice, constructing knowledge, inquiry into practice, accommodating diversity, and collaborating with others. Project THEMES infuses technology into these teacher education themes through the efforts of a consortium led by Boston College that includes neighborhood schools in urban and subur! ban communities and corporate partners, such as Apple Computer, Inc. A primary goal of the project is to provide pre-service teachers and experienced teachers with reflective experiences concerning the use of technology in the classroom.

The faculty in Boston College's Lynch School of Education (LSOE) are being prepared through workshops, on-line tools for discussions, and a technology toolkit to train teacher education graduates to use technology effectively in their teaching. THEMES has established partnerships with area school districts, allowing special mentoring relationships with cooperating teachers and project staff to support student teachers in integrating technology into the curriculum.

Project THEMES is funded through a U.S. ! Department of Education PT3 Technology Grant. The focus of the PT3 Grant is to "transform" the learning process and embed technology into the curriculum.

Lynch School of Education Themes
The LSOE is committed to five basic themes; they are considered foundational to achieving high levels of K-12 student learning and excellence in teaching. The five themes are:

Promoting Social Justice
How is equal access to education furthered through technology?

Constructing Knowledge
In what ways are students' knowledge and resources expanded through technology? How is learning shaped through technology?

Inquiry into Practice
How can educators refin! e their teaching to better meet students' needs through technology? How can teachers share this inquiry with other educators?

Accommodating Diversity
In what ways can students with disabilities gain more equitable access to learning through assistive technology?

Collaborating with Others
In what ways can educators and students create communities of learners through technology? How can teacher and student collaboration be accelerated within schools, across school districts, and into other geographic regions?

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