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Mentoring Program

A major component of College Bound is the Mentor Program, designed to provide undergraduate students with additional support as they work toward achieving their goal of furthering their education beyond high school.

What is a Mentor?
A mentor is an undergraduate student committed to spending at least two to three hours a month with College Bound students. Mentors not only aid students in thinking about and preparing for college, but also assist them in developing decision-making, time management, and long-range planning skills. This relationship provides students opportunities to explore new situations and to think more about future goals, including career and college choices.

Each mentor is paired with one or two College Bound students. A mentor/mentee pair will then be placed with two or three other pairs to form a "team." When campus or other activities are planned, both mentors and mentees will meet with other paired team members. This arrangement ensures that, in the event of an absent partner, neither mentor nor mentee is alone during activities. In addition, everyone benefits by working with others on the team.

During the two to three hours each month,  mentors get to know a student through such activities as visiting their high school, visiting the mentee over lunch when on the campus of Boston College two Saturdays a month, and at least twice a semester engaging in a special activity of interest to both the student and the mentor. This might include going to the movies, an art museum, concert, athletic event, shopping, having pizza, visiting the Boston College campus, or touring other local college campuses.

College Bound mentors share a small part of their life, experiences, expertise, and time with College Bound students. In turn, students are expected to stay in contact with mentors through phone conversations, email, and visits, as well as to notify the College Bound staff of any issues or problems in mentor/mentee relationships.

Mentor Responsibilities
Mentors are expected to:
• Complete and sign a Mentor Contract
• Come to a Saturday orientation session at Boston College
• Call or e-mail your student at least occasionally to talk to him/her about high school and college and any other activity or interest you or your mentee share
• Contact the family of your mentee(s) to introduce yourself and explain your role
• Spend at least three to four hours a month with your mentee either at Saturday College Bound sessions, or at other arranged times
• Attend any activities for College Bound students and their mentors. Furthermore, contact team leader if you are unable to attend an event.
• At least once a semester do something special together with your mentee. This may include visiting other local college campuses, a museum, a concert or the movies, having pizza, shopping, attending a sports event on campus, going to the Rec Plex, or just "hanging out."
Contact a council member

Kelly Bloom, '04 email 617.656.0772
Billy Clark, '04 email 617.656.8296
Kyla Smith, '04 email 617.656.6724
Eliza Fox, '05 email 617.655.8528
Sara Firoozeh, '05 email 617.655.2997
Liz Kelly, '06 email 617.656.5186


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