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College Bound

College Bound is a school/university academic enrichment and support program that benefits urban high school students from two of the Boston Public Schools—Brighton High School and West Roxbury High School. The program is both proactive and preventative and is designed to assist students in gaining access to, achieving success in, and graduating from post-secondary educational institutions to obtain careers of choice.

College Bound is part of the Boston College Collaborative and is located within the Lynch School of Education. Established in 1987, the Program is built upon the themes of
• shared expectations
• commitment
• responsibility of students, high schools, families, Boston College, and others. 

Consistent with these themes, the goals of College Bound are:
(a) to provide urban students with the skills and motivation to reach their academic, leadership and career potential, and
(b) to use students as role models and change agents in schools and local communities. 

College Bound services include:
• classes to refine academic, study, test-taking, computer/technology and research skills
• tutoring services
• mentor relationships
• cultural and recreational activities
• exposure to a college campus
• summer literacy assignments
• employment opportunities
• family activities 

Classes are offered at Boston College on two Saturdays per month.Students must maintain at least a 90 percent daily high school attendance rate, carry a 3.0 or better grade point average, participate in all Program academic/support activities, and pursue school/community leadership endeavors.

College Bound students have exhibited leadership characteristics in their schools and local communities as indicated by their participation in high school scholastic endeavors; yearbook committees; extracurricular activities including tutoring and assisting students with special needs; and organizations/events such as the Future Education of America, Junior Achievement, Massachusetts Pre-Engineering Program (Mass PEP), New England Conservatory Choir, Teens against Gang Violence, Walk for Hunger and Walk for AIDS,  and numerous other community service activities.

College Bound has been committed to continuous improvement since its inception. The Program's evaluation plan includes measures designed to monitor students’ progress and identify changes in participating high schools with respect to students’ aspirations for higher education. The Program’s success is evident via students' acceptance to (and graduation from) quality, four-year colleges and universities with financial support.

Specifically, 170 graduating College Bound students have earned a total of over $21 million in financial support for higher education since the Program’s inception. 

Institutions that College Bound graduates are attending or from which they have graduated include
• Boston College
• Clark Atlanta University
• Hamilton College
• Georgetown University
• Virginia State University
• Syracuse University
• University of Vermont
• College of the Holy Cross
(comprehensive list)

College Bound graduates are now in careers of business, medical, education, and social work.
For additional information on College Bound, please contact Dr. Montavon, Program Director, 617.552.0662 email

College Bound is
an enrichment program that supplements and extends the regular high school program. 

The program will help students to
• enrich basic skills in key content areas (English, reading, writing, mathematics, and  science)
• enhance development of study, writing, thinking, research, computer and test-taking skills.
• increase motivation to learn and achieve academic excellence
• develop career goals and increase awareness of career options
• think positively about themselves
• foster growth and ability as student leaders.
• work toward acceptance into a quality four-year college or university

College Bound is not
• a tutorial/remedial program.
• easy. Membership in College Bound demands a lot of extra time and effort on the part of each student—attending two Saturdays per month throughout the school year, completing extra assignments and readings, maintaining good grades (high school GPA of 3.0), and being involved in the high school and in the community.
• a guarantee of admittance into Boston College or any other college or university. Students must successfully graduate from their high school in the top of their class and be admitted to a university through the regular admissions process.
• a guarantee of a scholarship to Boston College or any college or university. College Bound staff and University personnel will work with students and their families to ensure the maximum amount of financial aid.

In short, College Bound is an opportunity for students dedicated to the hard work involved in getting accepted into colleges/universities. The program involves a commitment from students to participate in activities in addition to high school endeavors for the purpose of helping them attain their goals of being accepted to colleges/universities of their choice and, ultimately, entering professions of interest. 

While College Bound does not offer financial assistance in any form, it gives students the opportunity to learn what higher education entails, what skills must be demonstrated in order to gain entry to colleges/universities, and a chance to polish such skills. 
The rest is up to the students!

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