Boston College Federalist Society is "returning the values and concepts of the law as our Founders understood them." James Madison
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Since its creation, the Student Division of the Federalist Society has played an integral role on law school campuses. Through its numberous conferences programs, and publication, the Student Division seeks to accomplish three principle goals:

  • Fostering debate among students, academics, legal practitioners, and public policy experts at the law school level.
  • Countering the tide of orthodox liberal ideology and combatting the radicalism that has flooded law schools.
  • Creating a network of students leaders who will affect positive change in the legal establishment.
The cornerstone of the Federalist Society Student Division is its active speakers program. The Society sponsors speeches and debates at law school chapters around the country. These high quality presenations have enhanced the intellectual atmosphere at the nation's law schools, and have also attracted many outstanding students to the Society. Despite obvious philosophical disagreements, many law school administrators and faculty members welcome our programs because of their extraordinary quality. Indee, the tremendous response to our speakers program has clearly demonstrated that the Society's efforts over the last decade and a half have made a remarkable difference.

Federalist Society students recieve free membership in any two Practice Groups of their choice. The 15 Practic Groups offer Federalist Society members the opportunity to participate directly in the examination of problems affecting particular areas of legal practice. Meetings, projects, and publications of each of the Practice Groups foster a unique, in-depth analysis of how conservatitve and libertarian ideas could be driving developments in major areas of the law.

Boston College Federalist Society welcomes new members year round. All meetings are open to libertarian, conservative, or interested law students. To be an official member, you must register with the national Federalist Society. If you would like to sign up online, click here.

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The BC Federalist Society Welcomes new members year round. Find out more and join.
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