Anti-Sweatshop Movement - Activism


The Anti-Sweatshop Movement: Activism  

Progress of the National Sweat-Free Campus Campaign Movement. Get latest info here.

Student activism around sweatshops has been incredibly successful. At hundreds of campuses, students have been educating and informing other students about the issue of sweatshops, and calling on their universities to adopt Codes of Conduct. Through petitioning and other creative forms of activism, students have been able to put a great deal of pressure on both their universities and the companies that produce college apparel.

  • National Labor Committee (NLC)

    The NLC's mission is to educate and actively engage the U.S. public on human and labor rights abuses by corporations. Working with a strong network of local, national, and international groups, the NLC builds coalitions that use campaigns to pressure companies to adhere to labor and human rights standards. 

  • Global Exchange

    Global Exchange is a non-profit research, education, and action center dedicated to promoting people-to-people ties around the world. Since its founding in 1988, they have been striving to increase global awareness among the U.S. public while building international partnerships around the world.

  • Sweatshop Watch

    Sweatshop Watch is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights and women's organizations, attorneys and advocates committed to eliminating the exploitation that occurs in sweatshops. They believe that workers should be earning a living wage in a safe and healthy working environment, and that those who benefit the most from the exploitation of sweatshop workers must be held accountable. Their work includes public education, policy advocacy and coalition-building.

  • Students Against Sweatshops

    United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is an international coalition devoted to stopping sweatshop labor.

  • Campaign for Labor Rights

    Campaign for Labor Rights mobilizes local support in the United States and Canada for the campaigns of their partner organizations. They build bridges between local activists and many of the major organizations around the world.

  • Clean Clothes Campaign

    The Clean Clothes Campaigns aim at improving working conditions in the garment industry, world-wide. The campaigns are coalitions of consumer organizations, trade unions, researchers, solidarity groups, world shops and other activists.


    Representing 250,000 members in North America, Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE) is known for aggressive organizing and fighting for workers' rights. Members work in apparel, garment and textile industries. 

  • American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

  •  The Rugmark Foundation

    A nonprofit organization working to end child labor in the carpet industry through monitoring, consumer labeling, and rehabilitation and education of former carpet children in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

  • Get Behind the Label

    A multimedia online news magazine covering the global apparel industry.



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