So you want to join the Global Justice Project online geek party?

Just follow these directions and you can be adding news in no time.

1) Send an email here (gjp@bc.edu) saying you would like to contribute to the GJP news section.

2) You will soon receive an invitation to join the Global Justice Project weblog (hip!) from blogger.com. Be patient, as this is not automated. This email will come with time.

3) When you receive the invite, click the provided link and follow the directions to set up an account with Blogger. This will take you no more than 1 minute and you will not be asked for any personal information. Seriously.

4) After you set up your account you will be directed to your new Blogger homepage. Welcome to the blog revolution. At the top of this page you will see a box with a list of the Blogs you are a member of. Click the green 'plus' icon located next to the 'Global Justice Project.' It will look like this (...with different Blog names):

(Image borrowed from help.blogger.com)

5) You will now be at the Global Justice Project post page. Choose to create a new post, type in your news or opinion piece and and click 'Publish Post.' Make sure all posts follow the BC server guidelines. (i.e. no "obscene or intolerant language" or copyrighted material.

If you need help or want to get a bit more advanced in your editing, you can find more info on posting and publishing here.



Don't believe the hype.