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Coca-Cola & Human Rights

The campaign to get Coca-Cola off of our campus has begun. For those who missed the teach-in or want more fact-based information on Coke's various human-rights abuses around the world, these are links to some good articles with information gathered by respected parties such as Human Rights Watch and the BBC.

Coca-Cola exploiting child labor in El Salvador's sugarcane plantations:

Coca-Cola and the sale of toxic waste as "fertilizer" to farmers in India:

Coca-Cola and racial discrimination in the US:
(note: since the publishing of this article, Coca-Cola paid a $192 million settlement)

Coca-Cola's environmental destruction of communities in India:

Coca-Cola and the assasination of union leaders in Colombian bottling plants:

As a first step in the campaign to get Coke off campus, we are putting a student-referendum question on February's UGBC election asking the student body if they support replacing Coke in response to the company's human-rights record. Although the referendum is non-binding, this tactic has worked at other schools. Any group can get a referendum question by gathering the signatures of 1/8 of the student body, so we need to get around 1,100 signatures in the next few weeks.

If you want to get involved in the campaign you can sign-up to be on the listserve by sending an e-mail to and writing "subscribe unjustcola" (without quotation marks) in the body of the e-mail.


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