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BC students remember Rachel Corrie and protest for Palestinian rights

"On the second anniversary of the killing of American Human Rights worker
Rachel Corrie by an Israeli soldier with a Caterpillar Bulldozer, the BootCat
Campaign held a protest at Caterpillar’s Milford MA, offices. A group
of about 65 human rights activists, including Jeff Halper, director of the Israeli
Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD, and several BC students
gathered to protest the company’s sale of bulldozers to the Israeli military
despite concerns that the Israeli military is using the equipment in violation
of International and American law to destroy Palestinian homes, uproot orchards,
and expand Jewish settlements on Palestinian land."



For more pictures and for the full story click

Rachel Corrie was not a "human rights worker". Cattepillar sells standard bulldozing equpment to the Isreali army, who then retrofit them with armor kits. Big f'ing deal. I know you people hate Jews but come on.
I'm not sure if anyone read the news a month before this protest, but Israel abandoned its policy of demolishing Palestinians' homes in February, 2005. (See article below). I'm glad they did, because it was a particularly awful policy. Let's pick another fight, guys.

Your favorite burger eater,
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