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BC's Undemocratic System

Source: The Boston College Heights
By Nick Fuller-Googins and Joseph Previtera

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In the fall of 1969, a group of five Boston College undergraduate students physically pushed their way past the Dean of Students to actively disrupt interviews between General Electric and BC students, citing GE's production of military hardware, involvement in the Vietnam War, and the killing of innocent civilians.

In the fall of 2004, a group of five students, including ourselves, knelt silently in front of a Raytheon table at the Career Fair to protest the presence of America's second largest nuclear and conventional weapons manufacturer on our campus. The so-called "BC Five" of 1969 received a trial by their peers and were placed on University probation. The two of us were ordered to a "hearing" with Dean for Student Development Robert Sherwood, where we received the same punishment.

The trial of the BC Five was open to the public and the defendants were represented by BC Law students and judged by a jury of faculty and students. At the closed-door "hearing" that we received for our participation in the Raytheon action, Sherwood acted as both judge and jury. We were ordered to Sherwood's office within 24 hours of the protest and told that if we failed to show, the hearing would take place without us. At the hearing, Sherwood accused us of physically blocking Raytheon's table despite the fact that he appears in numerous photos contradicting himself (visit for photos). We requested that our hearing be open to the BC community and take place in front of the Student Judicial Board - both requests were immediately denied. Our so-called "appeal" consisted of a single e-mail to Sherwood's subordinate, Dean Paul Chebator, who was not about to contradict his boss and immediately rejected our appeal... (complete story)


Countering Columbus Day

This Monday, October 11th Boston College students and faculty have the day off -- what are you going to do? Join us in refusing to honor Christopher Columbus and his "discovery" of the Americas. Refuse to take part in a holiday for the man who enslaved, murdered, and initiated the genocide of Native American peoples. Boston College students and faculty will come together for a teach-in, discussion, and movie to counter the Columbus Day myth and offer a Native American perspective on the arrival and legacy of Columbus.

Monday, October 11th
Gather in the Quad at 2PM

A combined effort of the Global Justice Project, the Organization of Latin American Affairs, and the Society of Native American People.


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