Romance Review

ISSN 1524-7112
Graduate Student Literary Review
Romance Languages and Literatures
Boston College

Volume VII, 1997

“El bachiller Acevedo en el contexto del teatro mexicano”
Anne Cantú – Boston College

“Croire à l’incroyable: élements linguistiques et mimésis dans les nouvelles de Balzac”
Corry L. Cropper -

“Materialità e immaterialità nei soneti dell’aura del Petrarca”
Ombretta Fau – Boston College

“Concetti di tempo nel Canzionere di Petrarca”
Elena Ivanova – Boston College

“The hand of God as a Narratological Instrument in Le rouge et le noir and Madame Bovary”
Susana Lee –Yale University

“Following the Procession: Dialogue with the Significant Other in Elena Poniatowska’s Hasta no verte, Jesús mío”
Kate Risse – Boston College

“The Homo-Vision of Another: Freud and genet”
Milo Sweedler – Emory University

“Significations as Parallel Presentation in the Poetry of Arthur Rimbaud and Early Twentieth Century Painting”
Sara Wyman – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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