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  • 1921
The Mutilation of Germany

This poster of 1921 reflected German anger over what they termed the "Dictated Peace" of Versailles. The map shows the territories which were taken away from Germany, and the various methods by which this was carried out.

The sections in BLACK were stripped away without plebiscites or elections. These include Alsace-Lorraine, Memel (which was seized by Lithuania after the Treaty of Versailles awarded it to Germany), West Prussia and Posen (the so-called Polish Corridor), and the German-speaking former Austrian territories of Bohemia (the Sudeten Moutain area) and the South Tyrol,

The light brown of Austria portrays the Allied prohibition of the union [Anschluß] of the two countries contained in the Austrian constitution of 1919.

The dark yellow of the Rhineland and Saar industrial complex indicate two areas which were to be occupied by foreign powers or an extended period of time. France received the Saar for 15 years, while England, France and Belgium (originally the US as well) were to occupied the Rhineland to insure that the Versailles Treaty was fully implemented.

Finally, the bright YELLOW section is Upper Silesia, which was split into two despite the 60% German majority vote in the plebiscite of 1921.

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