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  • 1920
Force does not make Right only Reconciliation

Only reconciliation leads to the Dawn of a New Era

This poster, produced by an Art Studio associated with the Socialist Party, harkens back in both graphics and theme to the optimistic themes of the early days of the German Revolution. It contrasts the divisions among the soldiers on the left (representing a Frenchmen, an Englishmen and a German) with the same three figures standing arm in arm on the right.

It is a idealized picture of what the German reformers, especially leftist intellectuals, thought their Republic would be able to accomplish. Yet by the time this poster appears, that dream has largely ended. In the first general election held after the adoption of the Constitution, the Weimar Coalition parties (Socialists, Democrats and Catholics) lost their absolute majority and were never to regain it.

The scars produced by the civil war and rise of a strong counter-revolutionary movement were to remain throughout the remaining years of the Republic.

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