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  • 1920
Prayer of the Homeland:


Against the smoke stacks of the heavily industrialized coal and steel area of Upper Silesia, this poster shows a crucifix. The use of such religious symbols would have been natural for an area which was nearly 100% Catholic, and yet at the same time it shows the economic importance of the area for the German Republic.

The authorities in Berlin, however, had only limited opportunities to push their campaign. A French army occupied the area, ostensibly to prevent violence between the Poles and the Germans. But in fact, the French authorities blatantly favored the Polish cause and routinely banned German rallies, newspapers and other forms of agitation. Thus, the use of the crucifix in the foreground of this picture may well have been a ruse to get around the French censors. After all, who could object to prayers, even though the subject of those prayers was not very orthodox!


Upper Silesia
Will Remain German


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