Propaganda Posters


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  • Munich 1919
  • H.Sapttonlis
Suffering and

Destruction come from



This poster is a not-very subtle variety of the anti-Revolutionary and anti-Bolshevik propaganda which appeared all over Germany in 1919.

Interesting about this approach, however, is the portrayal of Anarchy as the hairy ape-like creature, clutching a dagger in his left hand and a grenade in his right.

The origins of this particular image goes back clearly to the anti-German propaganda posters put out by the British (and later the Americans) during World War I. Here, resurrected for other purposes, is the terrible picture of THE HUN, threatening civilization.

Only now, it is Anarchy, a cover word for Bolshevism and Revolutionary radicalism. The effect is still the same -- to terrorize the viewer and help him/her resolve to prevent the triumph of this monstrosity.

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