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  • January 1919


Workers, Citizens, Farmers, Soldiers
All the clans of Germany

Unite around the National Assembly


Elections for Germany's first Constitutional Convention were scheduled for 19 January 1919. But prior to the election leftist uprisings occurred in a number of cities, and the provisional [socialist!] government violently suppresed these by using newly returned soldiers of the German army and a difuse collection of para-military units, called the Free Corps. This poster was issued by the government in the early days of January 1919 to encourage people to put aside their differences and support the National Assembly.

The excellent graphics of this poster are characteristic of the posters produced in Berlin for the Provisional Government. This one shows the rising sun of a new day. Notice that there is no mention of"socialism," either of the provisional government or of the numerous uprisings. Nor is there mention of the ongoing violence throughout the country. Instead, the poster suggests that all Germans should be united regardless of political programs.


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