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  • 1919



to the Tullmann Detachment!


This is a typical recruitment poster by one of the numerous Free Corps that sprang up throughout Germany in early 1919. These groups -- more accurately "para-military organizations" -- consisted of demoabilized veterans who now volunteered to serve under some officer -- in this case one Tullmann -- in return for housing, food, and pay.

With the German army reduced to a mere 100,000 men by the terms of the Armistice -- a number soon to be made permanent by the Versailles Treaty -- local governments, business, homeowners' associations, and even the Federal government -- needed some protection from the near civil war raging in parts of the country.

The groups called themselves Free Corps because they were NOT part of the regular army, and because historically the name was associated with the "Storm Troopers" -- youthful volunteers in the war against Napoleon.

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