Nazi Propaganda
of the Machtergreifung


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  • 1932


Put a Stop

to Germans Tearing Each Other
to Pieces

Unlike the other posters designed by Brüning's team for the re-election of President Hindenburg, this one is both graphically and textually effective. It shows two men seriously fighting, while others are similarly engaged in the background. The light yellow of the background and the slash of red in the print calls attention to a serious crisis. Indeed, most Germans were sick and tired of the constant political fighting, and even worse, political murders and violence. This poster cleverly does not name the guilty persons -- Nazis or Communists. It merely states the obvious: Germany is in the throes of political and economic chaos

And the solution is proposed in the second text which runs under the picture:

On 10 April,

vote ONLY

for Hindenburg

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