Propaganda Posters


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Workers! Famine approaches

Strikes Destroy, Work nourishes!

Do your Duty, Work!


In the tumultous days of the immediate post-war period, strikes came close to paralyzing Germany. Then when the provisional government used regular army troops and para-military Free Corps units to put down the strikes in December 1918 and January 1919, a renewed wave of sympathy strikes broke out, especially in the industrial Rhineland. This poster was issued by the government to discourage such actions, which it argues were economically disasterous. No mention is made of their "political" impact.

This is another of the brilliant Berlin posters produced for the provisional government. Its strong graphics, especially the contorted figure of death, are most effective. Interestingly enough, the artist portrays death in green, rather than the usual red. After all, a socialist government could hardly have its villain painted in the color associated with its own political outlook.


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