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  • 1919
German Men protect your Homeland

join the

Schmidt Storm Battalion

A Guard Cavalry Protective Division

The picture on this recruitment poster for another Free Corps unit in Berlin portrays a returned veteran of the Great War. He is still dressed in the uniform (and helmet) of the front soldier. He appears exhausted, an impression strengthed by the muted colors and the devastated countryside in the background.

But despite this, the image projects determination. No matter what the cost, German soldiers needed to step forward once more and defend their country.

The paragraph at the bottom of the poster lists some of the kinds of men they want to enlist --" infantry, storm soldiers, horsemen and groomsmen, men experienced with hand granades and flame-throwers, drivers of tanks, as well as craftsmen and mechanics."

In the economic chaos of the early republic, with staggering unemployment especially for returning soldiers, the Free Corps offered the possibility for men who had no skills other than those they had learned in the army!

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