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  • 1919

To Arms!

Citizens, Soldiers, Officers, Students!!

Report at once for Entrance into

The Volunteer Regiment Reinhard!


This example of a recuiting poster comes not from Bavaria and Munich, where so much of the earlier activity had taken place, but from Berlin, indeed from Moabit, a working class district of the capital.

From its graphical presentation, as well as by the vocabulary of the text, this is clearly a more moderate appeal. It does not denounce the enemy -- is it the republic? anarchy? Bolshevism? or right-wing fanatics?

It address not "Germans," but "citizens" and officers.

The figure itself presents a middle-class person, with suit, stiffed-collar shirt and tie. But he grabs up a rifle and with that flamboyantly outstreched left hand calls all to take up arms as well. The pose is a direct copy of some of the most famous French posters of World War I.

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