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  • 1932
More Power to the Reichs President!

While Brüning's government was quite willing to fight Hindenburg's re-election on the basis of his personal reputation, other political elements had their own agendas. Ever since the collapse of the SPD-led cabinet in 1930, Germany's Reichstag had been unable to agree upon a government. In this dilemma, President Hindenburg used Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution to pass emergency decrees which took on the force of laws. He had selected Chancellor Heinrich Brüning to administer the government, and kept him in power by the same Article 48, instead of requiring that Brüning win and maintain majority support from the elected Reichstag members.

Many conservative politicians, and practically the entire German civil service, throught that this "improvised legal dictatorship" ought to be replaced by a return to the monarchical style of administration under Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm II. This campaign poster for Hindenburg's re-election calls for removal of that article in the constitution which designated the Reichstag as the organ which passed laws. It argues graphically that Hindenburg's personal reputation rises above the unseemly conduct of the turbulent politicians in the Reichstag, where the presiding officer rings his bell (in Europe bells are used rather than gavells) in vain to get order. By implication, therefore, Hindenburg can be relied upon to run the country more fairly and with less corruption than the parliamentary democracy which by 1932 had crumbled away.

Away with the Parliament's Monopoly (Article 54)

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