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January 1919


The Parties!

 For most Germans, the radical leftist and communist rhetoric of the first post-war months was both unexpected and frightening. The monarchists, however, had been totally discredited, and thus even conservative politicians were forced to create new political parties, adding the work "people" into their titles.

This poster appeared in Munich in January 1919 and was obviously produced by several right wing groups.

It mocks the "radical parties". The Spartakus-Socis (a derogative version of Socialists) are shown as terrorists; the Independent Socialists as Jack-Asses; the Majority Socialists as deluded cuckolds (note the horns). Their ally in the Weimar Coalition, the German Democratic Party, is here represented as a bunch of intellectuals who have their eye on the whole world, but not on Germany. All of these parties are linked together on the right with the anti-Semitic designation "Cohen-types."

In contrast to these, this poster presents the Christian People's Party (the newly formed Catholic Bavarian Party) as supporters of God, Church, family and school; the German People's Party and the German National People's Party (DVP and DNVP -- the two conservative parties) as operating in the spirit of Luther, Bismarck and Hindenburg.

At the bottom the inscription reads:

Vote German! Your Hour of Destiny
19. January 19.

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