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  • 1920

Volunteers to Defend the Eastern Border


Non-Commissioned Officers, Enlisted Men

Protect your Homeland in the East

Enlistment at Friedrichstraße 112 (Heidelberg Cafe)

One of the most disruptive elements in these early years of the Republic was the creation of the so-called Polish Corridor, separating Pommerania and Brandenburg from East Prussia. Tens of thousands of Germans decided to relocate rather than become Polish citizens, and many others believed that they should take up arms to defend the lands their families had occupied for hundreds of years.

This poster called for volunteers to form a border guard which might very well seek to regain territories which the German Government had been forced to give away.

The graphics stress the looming danger from the East; a town burns in the distance and a much larger fire-storm seems to be about to engulf the land. Against this menace a lone figure raises his sword in protest.

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