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  • 1919
Attention Marines

In Wilhelmshaven, an independent Free Corps
The Black Hunter"
has been formed out of former Marines.

After listing a numberr of prominent officers who have joined, the poster describes the pay -- five Marks a day with full meals, clothing and housing.Men with families will receive extra. It promises strict discipline but also "genuine comradeship."

The final paragraph describes the rather fancy decoration which will identify the unit : silver antlers decorated with a black skull and crossbones.

The unit is stationed in Hanover, and travelling expenses will be paid upon enlistment.

This is a very characteristic recruitment poster -- vague in what the unit will do, but attractive in the terms Major Schneider offers. The following eight Free Corps posters give an overview of the various images and slogans which these units employed to attract men. Many of these graphics will reappear under the Nazi banner in subsequent years.

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