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  • 1919
The Homeland is in Danger
Money is desperately needed.
Help at Once! Speed is Essential!

One final aspects of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 continued to dominate Propaganda Posters from 1919 to 1921. It involved the troublesome question of Upper Silesia. There a plebiscite to determine whether the land would be Polish or German was scheduled for 1921.

From 1919 on, a state of civil war raged in most of the area. Acts of terrorism by Polish groups were returned by German groups. Pitched battles between para-military organizations became a way of life.

This poster, issued by an organization called "Homeland Protection -- Eastern Assistance [Osthilfe]" was signed by the Federal Defense and Interior Minister, Noske, and by the Prime Minister of Prussia.

The prominant feature is the asiatic skull, with the Cossack hat, which stands over the destroyed houses and fallen bodies of Germans.

The whole tenor shares much of the alarmist attitude of previous posters, but this time it is much more realistically described. It is Silesia, it is unquestioned German land, which is threatened. And the government, the military, the entire public sector is unable to do anything about it.

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