Nazi Propaganda
of the Machtergreifung


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  • 1932

In contrast with Hitler's flawed posters for the Presidential Elections of March 1932, this poster was produced by Brüning's Cabinet in support of the re-election of Paul von Hindenburg. 84 years-old at the time, Hindenburg had not wanted re-election and had agreed to serve only when assured that he would not have to campaign, would not in fact have to give a single speech.

All of the electioneering would be handled by the German Cabinet led by the Center Party's Heinrich Brüning, and containing representatives from the liberal, democratic and moderate parties. This poster was the most widely-publicized one of the campaign.

It shows the President as a distinguished-looking statesman, against a theatrical background in which Victory brings forward the Oak Leaf Crown of triumph.

Hindenburg was not an intellectual, and not even a political figure. He was a retired professional army officer with little knowledge of the world and less understanding of remedies for the economic and political crisis in which he found himself. In short, he offered nothing to the electorate!

But this poster emphasizes graphically all the best things that could be said of Hindenburg: his presence, his reputation, his integrity, his old-fashioned handle-bar mustache and, above all, his age! By stressing these, and not the "solutions" which the presidential candidate might offer, the cabinet made sure that Hindenburg's would be invulnerable to attacks. How could Hitler and the Nazis dare to criticize or even oppose an icon!

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