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  • 1919

Heroes from the Front

The Homeland greets you!

You are Heartily Welcomed Home


In the turbulent days following the armistice, millions of soldiers had to be demobilized and brought back to their hometowns. For a defeated nation, this would have been a tremendously difficult process, but was immensely complicated by the political uncertainty of the early days of the Republic.

In December 1918 and January 1919, Chancellor Ebert had used the returning soldiers to suppress the Spartakist unrest in Berlin and other major cities. And the elections to the Weimar Assembly had taken place under the army's protection.

In individual states, such as Bavaria where a Socialist government openly favorable to the "Soviet" idea had come to power, right wing organizations hoped that the army would intervene there as well. This poster was issued by such an organization in Munich in early 1919.

It shows the symbol of Munich -- the little Monk -- greeting the returning heroes. The implications, however, are far more than simply a patriotic reunion.

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