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  • Summer 1919
People of Europe

Protect your Sacred Goods

Russia collapsed, Hungary burning, tongues of fire flare out against Western Europe.

Fight against this greatest source of destruction.

Watch out for this "Slave-Peace Treaty." It will destroy the dam holding back the East, and all of Europe will fall into Chaos.

This interesting poster was produced and widely distributed in a variety of languages by an organization which called itself "Help for the East."

The graphics of the poster have a ironic history. The picture of Archangel Michael, with his flaming sword, was an image of Germany popularized by the Kaiser in the 1880's. Indeed this picture closely resembles one he had produced against the "Yellow Peril," that is the danger of Asiatic influences upon Europe.

Now, this same image has been transformed only slightly and becomes the "Red Peril." The smoking Skull, the flames descending from it, and the dark cloud which contain both, are threatening the peaceful landscape of Europe -- in which church steeples are the most characteristic feature.

Unusual in this poster, however, is the link it makes between the Versailles Treaty (the "Slave Peace") which had just been signed, and the threat of Communism. It implies that anything that weakens Germany only increases the danger from the East.

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