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  • 14 April 1919


Your fight against the Bourgeoisie and traitors to the proletariat has now reached its height! You conquered important positions in your first uprising, but victory can only be reached and ensured if your armed conflict is pursued energetically.

Workers, unite at once in a

General Strike

Everything's at stake!
Your future is at stake!
The Victory of the Proletarian World Revolution is in the balance!

Don't work until complete victory is yours!

Excluded from the Strike:

all officials of the Railroads, Post Office, Telegraph and Telephone Office, as well as workers at the gas, water and electricity centers, as well as the Welfare Office. Restaurants are also exempt.

By April 1919, the revolutionary government in Munich was under sever pressure from all sides, including federal military and political authorities located at Weimar. Remnants of the previous bourgeois Bavarian government fled from Munich and set up a competing authority in Bamberg. The response by the Soviets was this proclamation of a General Strike. Civil War seemed unavoidable.

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