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  • 1920

On 10 February

North Schleswig's backyard, Flensburg, was lost and a Thousand-Year old union was broken.

On 14 March

you must decide whether
we can recover this area.

By the terms of the Versailles Treaty, a plebescite was scheduled for the northern half of Schleswig, an area in which the population was predominantly Danish speakers. German nationalists were outraged over two aspects of this plebescite. First, it divided the area into two districts for voting, thus separating the entirely German-speaking area just to the South of Flensberg (under the top red line in this poster) from having its larger population counterbalance the Danish vote in the North.

Secondly, as the poster stresses very strongly, Schleswig had been a single Duchy for over a thousand years and many Germans argued that if a plebescite were to be held it must include all of Schleswig (which cointained a German majority).

Anticipating that this diplomatic maneuver would guarantee a Danish victory in the North, the area had already been occupied by Copenhagen on 10 February 1920; the plebescite was scheduled for 14 March.

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