Revolution and Republic


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  • 1918


The Workers and Soldiers Council 
All personnel of the royal Post- and Telegraph Office

are hereby ordered

immediately to perform their duties



Kurt Eisner was a prominant Munich theater critic and a rather naive enthusiast who believed that he could help found a new world of light, beauty and reason! On 7 November he led a demonstration in Munich and rather unexpectedly found himself in charge of the government since the King and his ministers had fled.

In this proclamation, issued in the name of "The workers' and soldiers' council", Kurt Eisner announces that the "Räte" [German for Soviets] have now assumed full military and political power in the former Kingdom of Bavaria. The Wittelsbach Dynasty has been deposed, and the former Bavarian army has sworn allegiance to the new government.

Thus, surprisingly, the most conservative and Catholic part of the German Empire is the first to experience a radical revolution.

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