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  • Summer 1919
  • Safir
drowning the World in Blood.

The Association for Fighting Bolshevism

This is another poster from the period right after the Versailles Treaty. It contains, however, a slightly different graphical approach. Bolshevism here becomes a jackal -- the proverbial cowardly animal who only feeds off the carcasses killed by others.

In the background stretches a bombed-out and destroyed landscape, while in the foreground, a bright red (apparently in the original the colors were much more pronounced) sea of blood, out of which an over-sized hand reaches out, while on the right his dead face emerges soon to become the next meal for the hovering animal.

The implication is that the destruction brought about by war and revolution will now be "drowned" in even more blood as the jackal of Bolshevism gets to work.

I know nothing about this particular Association, but there were hundreds of such groups forming in the aftermath of the war and during the great Red Scare of 1919.

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