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  • 1919
What We are Going to Loose!

In the midst of their debate over writing the constitution, the Weimar Assembly received the completed draft of the Versailles Treaty. It came as a bolt out of the blue, since naively the German government believed the final treaty would be negotiated. Now they were given two weeks to sign. After a protracted and heated debate, the Assembly finally bowed to the threats of Allied renewal of the war and on 28 June 1919 voted to accept the treaty.

The vote itself, 237 to 138, reflected in no way the almost universal rejection with which Germans viewed the treaty which was always called "The Dictated Treaty of Versailles."

This poster appeared in the middle of the debate and was part of a broad effort by right-wing groups to dramatize the drastic consequences of accepting the terms of the treaty. In graphic form, it points out that the Treaty took away.

  • 20% of its Territory
    • 10% of its Population
      • 33% of its coal deposits
        • 25% of its total grain and potatoe areas,
          • 80% of its iron ore resources, and
            • All of Germany's Colonies and High Sea Fleet.
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