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  • 1921

Only the very dumbest


votes for his own Butcher!


This rather blatant poster comes from the final months of the Silesian plebiscite campaign. The whole process had been marked by violence on both sides, with Polish para-military units clashing with German bands. Acts of terrorism against civilians were common, and the occupying French army was blatantly supportive of the Polish, rather than the German cause.

This poster was clearly aimed at the Polish-speaking population, even though it is in German. The "butcher" wears the pre-war Prussian helmut -- a symbol of hated military service. The canteen at his waist bears the famous Prussian Army slogan -- God with us!

Under the little calf are pieces of paper which refer to previous promises of autonomy for the Polish-speaking population, laws on language requirements, and the famous citizenship law which made it extremely difficult for recent migrants to become Germans.

The whole tone suggests that Germans continued to consider Poles as second-class citizens. Thus, a vote for Poland was absolutely necessary.

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