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  • Summer 1919



at work

Another anti-Bolshevik poster from the late summer of 1919, this one issued by an organization in Berlin called:

Union for Fighting Bolshevism

This powerful poster shows a Spartakist worker (note the clothes he is wearing and that he has no shoes) strangling a person who appears to be a member of the middle class, wearing a suit and a tie. This victim has apparently failed to defend his wife and child who lie behind him, covered in their own blood, while the vicious attacker continues his brutal assault.

It is interesting to note that although it was common for propagandists of this period to identify the Spartakists as "Jewish" -- after all Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were their acknowedged leaders -- this poster does not attempt to give "Jewish" features to the assassin.

Little is known about the "Union" which issued this poster, but there were hundreds of such small organizations which sprang up all over Germany in 1919 in the aftermath of the Sparakist uprising in Berlin and the "Soviet Republic of Bavaria" in Munich.

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