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  • 1919

Watch Out!
Take Up Arms!
Wake Up!

During the crisis in Munich presented by the emrgence of a Soviet Republic, the government of Bavaria fled to the northern city of Bamberg and from there began to organize attempts to oust the Soviet regime. By the terms of the Armistice, however, Germany's army had been demobilized and its active membership limited to 100,000 men. Thus, the government in Weimar could not provide sufficient armed assistance.

In this situation, an unholy alliance was struck. Demobilized veterans, most of whom lacked jobs and homes, became organized in a variety of Free Corps units, para-military organizations frequently called Storm Troopers. Now, with the passive support of the Weimar Assembly, and the active support of the Bavarian government in exile, a group of these right-wing thugs and patriotic veterans recaptured Munich in April 1919 and the Bavarian government moved back to its capital city.

Almost immediately, however, the Allies demanded the dissolution of these para-military units, and Munich decided to protect itself by raising its own Bavarian Army. Under the former Empire, Bavaria enjoyed this right. This is one of a series of posters distributed in Bavaria calling for volunteers.

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Enlist with the Bavarian Army

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