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  • Summer 1919

This is another and powerful anti-Bolshevik poster from the late summer of 1919. It shows a red-clad skeleton, holding grenades and stomping his way through a ruined and smoking city. Behind him, he leaves his victims hanging on crudely erected gallows.

The caption urges

Join the Anti-bolshevik League

Most historians today question whether Communism ever had much of an appeal or a chance in 1918/1919 to carry out any revolution. But that was not the impression most Germans had. Many remained convinced that only the radical Sparakists and their Socialist allies inside and outside of Germany were the cause of Germany's losing the war. Moreover, contemplating the horrors already breaking out in the Russian civil war, the imagery of this poster would have seemed terrifyingly real. Of course, the purpose of the Anti-bolshevik League was precisely to blame Germany's defeat and her present suffering upon those radical groups who advocating sweeping conomic and political reforms.

Note the powerful combining of the Communist or Socialist red color with the traditional image of death.

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