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  • 1920

Everything for the Fatherland


Everything for Freedom

Volunteer for the Border Hunter's Division in Weisenberg

This is another poster calling for volunteers for a border guard in East Prussia. Many of the veterans believed they had been betrayed by their government and were determined to take matters into their own hands.

This poster shows a soldier, fully armed, raising his hand in a solemn vow (two fingers up (for the two natures of Christ) and three fingers clutched together symbolizing the trinity. Empowered by this sense of righteousness, he seems to be calling down thunderbolts, although it is unclear against whom these are directed.

One of the complicating factors in this area was that the western Allies had given permission for German units to help Lithuania and Latvia gain its independence from the new Soviet Union. These troops and their officers could not understand how the German government could permit them to fight the Red Army in the Baltic states and not the Polish invaders in their own homeland.

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