Revolution and Republic



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  • 9 November 1918


Emperor Abdicates

A Constitutional Assembly


First news of the political turmoil in Berlin. This placard posted by the leading Munich newspaper, announces the abdication of the Emperor and his son the Crown Prince. The Chancellor, Prince Max of Baden, declares he will recommend to the regent [who is not named] the appointment of a temporary government headed by the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Fritz Ebert. Moreover, the Chancellor proposes immediate elections for a Constitutional Assembly, which will decide Germany's future political form.

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Thus in a most confused fashion the revolution comes to Germany. There is no mention of a republic, far less of a Socialist Republic. Instead, it appears as if some Hohenzollern Prince will soon be named King/Emperor, and that a new constitution would be drafted by the Constitutional Assembly. Such an approach was not only strongly urged by the Chancellor, Prince Max, but also by the designated new head of the government, Fritz Ebert who was quoted as saying on this day that he hated Revolution as he hated sin.

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