The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1930

From the Anarchy
of brutal Class Consciousness
only Christian Ideals will save us:
Law, Obligations, Love of Neighbor

Therefore vote
the Christian People's Party

In the rural areas of Germany, the main competition to the emerging Nazi party were the sectarian parties &emdash; the Lutheran Christian Socialists, and the Catholic Center [Zentrum] Party.

In 1930, these two parties attempted to form a working alliance to oppose both Nazism and the threat of Communism. The resulting Christian Peoples Party, however, never really took root. In the Catholic sections, loyalty to the old Center party (which had been formed at the time of Bismarck's persecution of the Catholic Church&emdash;the Kulturkampf) was so strong that few local leaders (including primarily the pastors and religious teachers) saw any need to change their allegiance over to a new party.

Similarly, among the local Lutheran leaders, while some worried about the growing attraction of the National Socialists, more were concerned about keeping their Protestant flock uncontaminated from Catholic influences. Thus, this handsome poster, showing the cross and rays above, and a town (with a church in the middle) apparently engulfed in flames below, offers a message that is both confused and ineffective. Just like the politicians who were trying to confront the Nazis.

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