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January 1919


Think about it!

Vote Socialist! 

While the provisional government issued propaganda posters which sought to unite the country, the individual political parties, of course, had recourse to their own approaches. This extremely successful poster for the election in January 1919 urges voters to remember the sufferings in the war, and draw the proper conclusion -- vote Socialist.

But although this poster was distributed by the SPD, the largest party in Germany, it refuses to be narrowly partisan. Voting "socialist" could include supporting Spartakus, or the Independent Socialist as well as the SPD (sometimes called the Majority Socialists).

Thus even in the midst of a election campaign, this poster demonstrates the tendency of the moderate German parties to minimize their political differences while stressing the common need.

As a poster, this example is rather ineffective. There is no clue as to why thinking about soldiers dying behind barbed wire should should induce people to vote socialist.


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