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January 1919


Women and Girls!
Come out of the Darkness!

In your Choice for the
National Assembly,
Vote for Individual Freedom
with Order for All
in a
Free Socialist Republic

 In the elections for the Constitutional Convention, for the first time in German history, women could vote. The SPD, which had long been a chamption of female suffrage, aimed a number of its posters at this new electorate.

Here a working woman, with apron and a kerchief used as an improvised flag, is pictured as an enthusiastic supporter of emerging from the darkness. Yet the poster is remarkably vague. What does "individual freedom" mean in this context? And why is it almost immediately juxtaposed with "Order for all? And what is the difference between a "Free" socialist republic and a regular Socialist Republic?

This poster offers more questions than answers, and is characteristic of the awkward position of the SPD. Revolutionary in vocabular, its actions and program in 1919 were forced to be moderate, if not conservative.


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